FFVII - Chocobo Summon.

Hello! I'm starting a painting series of Final Fantasy VII Summons. That's right, i'm gonna do all 16 of them.
What I want to captivate is that epic moment when you summon a spirit and that feeling I had when first seeing them!
More than anything I'm sticking with the original designs while filling in some of the gaps and focus mainly on mood and fun of these illustrations.

Here's the Chocobo summon video! www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGXdYO…

"John, when is the next painting?" you ask. (trust me, you asked. yes.)
I'm releasing this one image just to make it official, but in fact I'll be posting per 4 images at a time, so yea, it'll take some time.

All Copyrights belong to Square Enix.

Ffvii   chocobo summon  by johnsilva d6rgau0